Have you ever been lucky enough to enjoy a few hours of true “flow” with a team of good people on a project? Everyone has their role and the work comes out in perfect sync and harmony.

Time stops. The boundary between individuals fade and you are creating something totally unique that you could only do together.

This can happen on the job, or on a family project. It can happen with a creative team or during an ordeal when you find yourself with strangers all pulling together for the best outcome for someone in need.

It can happen when 5 guys and one piano come together!

Today’s purveyors of the concept of “flow” are a team of extraordinary, innovative musicians. With fascinating artistry and a remarkably compelling tune, they put a spring in our steps when we came across their work.

Take a look at the genius of 5 musicians playing one piano in a very unique way! Here’s a channel that we at EWC absolutely love and have featured many times before, ThePianoGuys!

Five Guys and One Piano?

Have you heard about this musical group called The Piano Guys? Their YouTube channel is a wonderful place on the web where you can get lost enjoying innovation and creativity in music.

And the name “The Piano Guys”? This is so much more than piano music. You don’t even have to like a particular kind of music to enjoy The Piano Guys, because they take almost every genre and create something totally fresh with it.

Take, for example, The Piano Guys’ African version of Cold Play’s song “Paradise” featured in our article called The Piano Guys’ Epic Day. You have never seen anything like this collaboration on a desert mountaintop with Alex Boye, singing the tune in 3 different languages: Swahili, English, and Yoruba (his mother’s native language).

The Piano Guys have taken the internet by storm. Take a look at our article about their beautiful rendition of Adelle’s Hello, and Mozart’s Lacrimosa. It’s an incredible intertwining of genres centuries apart.

5 minutes

A Classical Twist on “Hello”

Explore a musical wonder created by The Piano Guys as they combine Mozart and Adele into an incredible, era-spanning experience. See why we are delighted this sort of thing is sweeping the web!

Read More

If you ‘d like to see another piece that demonstrates musical innovation with a completely different pace, check out our article called 2CELLOS are “Thunderstruck”. It will break most of your notions about whether classical musical instruments can add anything to classic rock!

Enjoy the work of these creative people. They definitely prove this is an amazing world! (our motto at here at EWC)

Stay open, curious and hopeful!

~ Dr. Lynda

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