Have you ever thought about what it would be like to read the book of you? Not your memoirs, or your autobiography, but the actual DNA sequences that make up who you are?

Chances are, you haven’t considered reading your genome before, but after this TED Talk, you might just be clearing some space on your bookshelf.

In the most basic terms, DNA is the blueprint for life, an incredible amount of data that makes us who we are at the most fundamental level.

Riccardo Sabatini, in his TED Talk from February of 2016, takes us on a remarkable journey to see, for the first time, the library of our life. It is a thought-provoking talk that leaves you with a vastly different understanding of how interconnected we all are, and how awe-inspiring life really is!

Via: TED 1

Our frequent readers know how much we love TED. With watching the above talk they produced, how can you not? TED.com is one of the most interesting corners of the web. EWC features the best of their talks a couple of times each month. If I do say so myself, EWC and TED are the only places I have found where smart people, curious and hopeful, can always come away transformed. Check out our list of favorites from TED here!

Reading your genome to connect…

Take a moment to let the entirety of this talk sink in.

Never before have I seen our interconnectedness put in such clear terms. 500 pages are all that separates me from you. How incredible is that?

Furthermore, I am left speechless thinking about how, in this vast and complex network, all it takes is a few wrong letters to threaten the longevity of the whole system. Reading your genome is not just about you, it is about something far greater.

We know so very little about our own blueprints, the very thing that allows us to even contemplate these kinds of complex problems. Whether we are looking to develop treatments for genetic disorders, or simply trying to unlock the key to our eye color, there is so much to learn and teach the world.

What if more people knew how similar we all are in these clear genetic terms? Would we be as quick to judge people who look different than ourselves?

Knowledge is our strongest weapon in fighting the bigotry and hatred that seems to pervade the world right now. The more we truly understand the closeness of human connection, perhaps the more we stand a chance in changing the dialogue about our world!

Stay beautiful & keep laughing!


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