Have you ever stopped to think about how you and I fit into the universe? Why do we find ourselves on this tiny planet buzzing with life?

Keep in mind, humans would not even exist unless a series of exactly-precisely-intricately connected events happened juuuust rrrrright as the universe was forming after the big bang. Scientists call this “The Goldilocks Theory” (remember Goldilocks wanted things “juuuust rrrrright” in her story with The Three Bears.): change one tiny event in a series of millions of events, and humans would never have existed.

Here’s the best part of this thought process:  recently we discovered a place on the web where the question, “Where do I fit in the universe?” actually has at least one answer! It’s a deep question that requires 13.6 billion years of history to understand and we could not believe how entertaining this kind of “history” can be!

Today, we share with you a series of videos that will familiarize you with a new, totally free online “course” that can get us all up to speed on our very existence, and the existence of everything for that matter.

Bill Gates, of Microsoft fame, calls it his “favorite course of all time.”

If it’s good enough for Bill Gates, it’s good enough for me! Let’s start with a TED talk to give you the scope of the project we are connecting you to today. Here’s David Christian…

Via: TED 1

TED is a truly fantastic channel. If you want to see more thought-provoking TED Talks, check out our list of Must-See TED Talks here!

The introduction implies that the course is for high school students, but it’s really just a series of videos we all have access to for free. I can venture a guess that if Bill Gates loves this, we might all enjoy it and find insights we had completely missed.

First off, here’s Bill Gates introducing the timeline of our existence and his thoughts about The Big History Project:

Unconvinced about whether you would be interested in this? Here’s a link to the personal blog of Bill Gates, and his personal plea that the world take up the challenge of getting familiar with our shared history: You can click here now or later to see how Bill Gates personally addresses the wonder of this project.

Next up, let’s get a little more specific about the details of this course, available to us all:

So, according to the Big History Project, there were eight magic moments – points in time when precisely right conditions combined to take things to another level of complexity – in that 13.6 billion years. Each of these thresholds builds upon the last one. Here’s what we mean…

What about this concept of “magic moments?” Why should we care?

What if we looked at our lives using that moniker of “magic moments” to describe the major events that changed our path forever! Some of those occasions might have looked catastrophic at the time, but looking back, we might be able to see how a key upset put us on a path to something we could never have imagined that turned out very positive.

I digress… Let’s get back to this amazing, free, online course.

Just to get us settled into the flow of how these videos will each give us no end to ah-ha moments, let’s take a peek into the first major threshold.

Of course, that’s just a tiny intro, a great source of understanding about where we fit into the universe, but we think this course looks like an amazing opportunity for anyone who is still curious and hopeful. In fact, that’s just how we describe the members of our growing global community here at EverWideningCircles.com. Long story short – go check out the Big History Project for more awesomeness!

Let’s band together to bring this course to the attention of people who are searching for meaning and a life well lived. Who knows how this knowledge would change the course of someone’s life who just needs the right introduction to history, science, and the basic knowledge of our existence?!

And the bottom-line here?

A smarter world will solve problems in a smarter way, and get better outcomes for everyone.

At EWC, we think it’s time to start educating our way out of our conflicts with each other, instead of fighting our way out.

Free online courses for the world like this remind us of our fragile yet shared existence. Learning about those connections will be our best chance at shared prosperity.

Image: The Big History Project

Source: NASA

To get started at the Big History Project, click here, sign in, and it looks like you’ll be off on a great intellectual journey… Remember, this is for anyone! Not just for high school students. Let us know what you think.

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Have fun with all this! See you soon with another article, on anything under the sun!

Stay open, curious and hopeful!

~ Dr. Lynda


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