Many of us dream of going to space, but what do you dream of if you’ve been there once you come back to earth?

Sometimes we forget how remarkable our planet is! The beauty of its landscapes, the resilience of its people, the endless diversity of its wildlife. Today, we bring you a short but powerful video to remind us all of how miraculous our home is.

Image: An astronaut on a spacewalk taking a selfie with the ISS and earth reflected in their helmet.

Source: Pixabay

Like many people, as a kid (and even as an adult) I dreamed of seeing the earth from space. Since it seems unlikely that I will ever make that voyage, I spend more time than I care to admit listening to interviews with astronauts and absorbing space-related documentaries.

In my seemingly endless search to experience space vicariously, I stumbled across a beautiful series by the Royal Institution, A Place Called SpaceOur longtime readers may remember a video we featured a while back with reflections from astronauts about the perspectives they gleaned while in space from the same series.

This time, we take a journey into the remarkable insights that come from what an astronaut dreams.

So, what does an astronaut dream of after returning home? To help answer that question, here’s an incredible channel that’s worth taking a moment to check out: The Royal Institute.

Take a moment to savor your favorite thing about the planet. Can you think of a particular place that is meaningful to you? Is there some scent that sends you back into your childhood? What do you love most about returning home?

There so many remarkable things to love about this planet, so many reasons to remember that “it’s still an amazing world!

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Stay beautiful & keep laughing!



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