Steve Jobs of Apple Computers fame (though we hardly need to state the fact), is gone now, but he will forever speak to us in every nuance of elegant design he inspired.

He initiated, if not perfected, many of the technologies we use today, making devices like personal computers, MP3 players, smartphones, tablets, and so much more that are now mainstays in the global culture.

And through it all, he didn’t wait for consumers to demand these devices. He invented them before we ever even knew we wanted such things! That is the genius of Steve Jobs that most people do not know about.

To my mind, nothing I’ve ever heard him speak about holds a candle to the genius that is the short talk he gave at the Stanford University at the 2005 commencement ceremony.

He was speaking to graduates at the end of their academic life, but made it clear that learning was not (or should not) be over: whether beginning their business lives or continuing through graduate school, this talk is something we should all remember at any milepost.

Listen to this amazing talk and you may feel compelled (like we were!) to pass it on to a student or teacher you know. Mr. Jobs sums up much of the essence of learning in general and puts an exclamation point on being a life-long learner. See what you think…

Via: Stanford 1

Wow…Thank you, Mr. Jobs, wherever you are.

After seeing this Steve Jobs’ Stanford commencement speech, you may know someone who comes to mind, who you think needs it… great!

As we mentioned at the outset, Steve Jobs’ Stanford commencement speech is a quintessential Ever Widening Circles moment, so be sure to pass it around.

That’s part of the equation in the community we are building at Ever Widening Circles! (You can see our Mission Statement here.)

You never know where the ripples of such a gesture will reach, but we do know that this is the unique power of the Internet: passing on one of those rare instances where you find yourself in the presence of someone who, for a shining moment, taps into a stream of brilliance that is accessible to all of us.

Stay open, curious, and hopeful!

~Dr. Lynda


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