Have you ever met the eyes of an animal in a zoo and struggled with a “knowing” feeling? How about a favorite pet: are they thinking something we wish they could say? If those questions seem to resonate, you will be amazed by today’s EWC web-share.

Today, we point you to one of our EWC team favorites: a radio podcast called Radiolab If you haven’t had much experience with podcasts, this would be a great time to give it a try. The professionals who create this podcast use sound to help us paint the most remarkable pictures in our minds. It’s different from enjoying media of any kind.

Many people who listen to Radiolab even once become so hooked that they become weekly listeners, if not diggers through the archives on radiolab.org. In fact, in our house, our teenagers listen to Radiolab as much as they listen to their music! Every episode feels like a fantastic journey, and most leave you transformed in some way.

Image: Baby Orangutan with Rasta Hair

Source: Jami Tarris
If you’d like to see an article that Jamie wrote about her Orangutan experiences Click Here.

When we heard this particular episode called “Animal Minds”, about animal intelligence and communication with us, I remember being rooted right where I sat.

It adds so much to our ability to intelligently ponder whether animals have emotion, self-awareness and can connect with us.

The final story on this episode, for instance, left us with our mouths agape and smiling! (Listen to the very end of this podcast. Don’t cut away too soon or you will miss a magical moment!)

See what you think. Be patient through about a minute of promo at the beginning, and then you are off!

Via: Radiolab 1

Some huge food for thought there, huh?

I loved that quote from the fellow with the geese.

“When you have a chance to commune with animals – sitting around, paying no particular attention to yourself – watching animals who are content, doing their thing, then you feel a bit like Adam.”

Lovely. I’m not quite sure what that means, but I love to mull it over.

Why do we sense a connection when we look in some animals’ eyes and yet push the notion away?

I remember right where I was sitting when I heard that last story they told in the podcast. It was a driveway moment and I had to put my head on the steering wheel for a few moments.

If you’d like to see that Arctic National Geographic Photographer tell the whole story about his connection to the leopard seal, we’ve written an article about it. That article contains Nicklen’s TED Talk and is made even more remarkable by the photographs he shared while telling his story of working in the forests and seas of the Arctic. (Breathtaking images, to say the least!)

22 minutes

Paul Nicklen’s “Tales of an Ice-bound Wonderland”

Astonishing stories and very funny!.. National Geographic's Paul Nicklen, has quite a story from swimming with a particularly "caring" arctic leopard seal for 3 days!

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Do you know about TED.com? We work hard to point you to the very best from their website, where their motto “ideas worth spreading”, is a perfect moniker for the kinds of things you’ll find there.

You can start with our “EWC Favorite TED Talk Page.”  There you’ll find the leopard seal story and many others that are some of the most viewed in history.

Our Must See TED Talks!

Here’s an interesting question:

How would we behave differently if we realized that animals definitely have rich emotional lives and shared many of our sensibilities?

Something to consider.

14 minutes

Would Aliens Think We Were Intelligent Beings?

Intelligence. How are we doing on that as a species? Let's have some fun with the concept and in the end, we may even find that nice guys might be smart enough to finish FIRST! Take a look...

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Meanwhile, stay open, curious and hopeful!

~ Dr. Lynda

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