What We’re Getting Wrong About Concussions

Posted on September 9, 2016 by Liesl Ulrich-Verderber

Concussion, it’s a word that strikes fear in many. But what if we’ve got much of it all wrong? Here’s some fresh science that turns everything we’ve thought we knew on its side, literally.

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Concussion prevention has become a buzzword in sports, and changed the way we think about trauma and the brain.

In a world inundated with talk about concussions, I, like many others, thought I knew what a concussion was and what it did to the brain. It turns out, I really had no idea.

There are some astonishing new discoveries.

Concussions aren’t as well understood as many of us think, as a result, the helmets worn in sports like biking and football aren’t built to really prevent concussions.

At Stanford, there is a laboratory dedicated to researching concussion science in a new way. This research is pushing us far beyond our previous understanding of the serious brain trauma that concussions can inflict and helping to find new ways to combat it.

David Camarillo is the man at the helm of this fascinating research, and his TED Talk will leave you with an entirely new understanding of concussions and their impact on the brain.

Via: TED 1

Take a moment for every remarkable thing you just heard to settle in. This is one of those TED Talks that left me with my mouth agape. How is it that I thought I knew so much about concussions, when really, I knew nothing? My next immediate thought, “Why doesn’t everybody know about this?”

There is so much vital research out there to be done, so much we don’t understand, even about our own bodies. And it is truly remarkable how much we let outdated notions of safety, and obsolete standard practices influence the decisions we make on a daily basis.

It is at these times that I take a moment to think about the important decisions I have made without knowing all the facts, or without really doing my research. Perhaps if we approached more scenarios asking ourselves “What assumptions am I making?” we would find ourselves asking better questions and coming up with more informative answers!

So, what important assumptions have you been making?

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