Writing, it isn’t just an important form of basic communication, it is a constructive way to work with our own emotions and empower others.

So, how are schools doing when it comes to teaching kids to write well and enjoy it? How did your school do?

Like many kids, I found it hard to feel like writing was anything more than an activity required by English class.

Today, we show you something to celebrate! For teachers at University Park Campus School in Worcester, MA, teaching students to write isn’t just an isolated part of the curriculum, it’s a passion woven into every aspect of learning.

Their science, math, and even art classes incorporate “low-stakes” writing into the course work. Instead of making writing a chore, students are encouraged to write down their thoughts and ideas throughout class in a low-pressure way.

The students learn to see writing as a tool connected to everything else. Take a look at what the students and teachers at UPCS have to say about this new teaching movement.

Via: Edutopia 1

What a terrific innovation! Writing is such a great form of expression and an act of creation. Sometimes it can help you say the words you may not be able to voice out loud.

This could be a big game-changer in the lives of many children, even a new avenue entirely for students to better themselves through the insight of small burst of expression. Could we eventually see a day when students don’t feel like writing is a painful chore? Perhaps the concept of Low-Stakes writing will spread and eventually most kids will get to experience the freedom that writing offers.

Be understanding, be passionate, be joyous. But most of all, be yourself.


“If you’re going through hell, keep going.” Winston Churchill

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