Most children grow up with an innate appreciation for the natural world. Whether that comes from walks in central park, explorations in nearby drainage ditches, or access to boundless rural landscapes. A key aspect of our adventures are the trees with their arching quality, so often replicating an embrace.

With their variety, beauty, and utility, you’d think we would all grow up to revere trees.

Do we take them for granted? Are they nothing more than a backdrop to our lives, a future coat rack or a telephone pole?

Fortunately, many people would answer a resounding, “NO” to that question. Most of us can point to a particular tree that stands out as a landmark for our lives. Mine would be the enormous cottonwood tree at my neighbor’s house; the one I jumped out of countless times on windy days, when I was certain my umbrella would eventually carry me off like Mary Poppins.

How about you? Do you have a particular tree that stood out to you on your life’s journey? Give it some thought now.

Seems we are taking to the trees more and more as adults now that “Ropes Courses” are the things of legendary business retreats!

The idea for today’s EWC article idea was submitted by the DeLongs (two of the earliest fans of Ever Widening Circles) in the form of a simple email with few words and a link. That’s all it takes to share something of wonder with us here at EWC and we’ll get it out to the world! (Thanks, D. and A.)

Now, let’s take a look at some of the most astonishing trees from across the world.

I have linked the name of each tree to a page where you can learn about the details of each wonder.

First up, the Cannonball tree.

Trees have the power to transform us.

How about cherry trees and their blossoms making a drainage ditch seem like a magical place:

Image: Cherry trees in full bloom drop petals making a drainage ditch seem magical

Source: Pexels

Here’s a beautiful image of the Banyan Tree.

Image: The long, amazing tendrils of the banyan tree

Source: Pixabay

The colorful roots of the Eucalyptus Tree:

This Bristle Cone Pine Tree may be one of the oldest living things on earth

There’s a reason why they call this tree the Dragon Blood tree: when you cut into its bark, the opening and the sap that appears is blood red.

Then there’s the Jabuticaba tree

Here’s California’s famous “General Sherman” Sequoia Redwood Tree.

Here’s one of my favorites. Seems like something otherworldly: the Boabab Tree of Madagascar

This tree was called the Ugly Tree in the photo I found, but I think it’s beautiful in a surreal way.

And lastly, a dreamy gloaming hour image of the CypressTree Tunnel at Point Reyes:

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Meanwhile, have a great day. Hug a tree if you think about it!

And stay open, curious and hopeful!

~ Dr. Lynda


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