What would a world look like where cities ran 100% on renewable energy?

It seems like a far-off idea, but there is at least one city that has made this a reality.

Image: People walking in Burlington, Vermont on Church Street

Source: Pixabay

On this Saturday Around the World, we’re taking you right down the road from EWC’s headquarters to Burlington, Vermont.

Now, we might be a little biased, but we think Burlington’s commitment to renewable energy is pretty cool! Here’s an update on what they’re up to in this awesome video from The Good Stuff. (It was pretty exciting to see a story about Vermont show up on their channel!)

When you’re done here, pop over to The Good Stuff and poke around! They are doing, supporting, and highlighting some truly amazing things in this world!

So yes, Burlington is a relatively small city (its population is only around 42,000) but its accomplishment is a start!

Maybe we won’t see big cities go 100% renewable, but having more Burlington sized cities move to renewable energy isn’t just a reasonable goal, it’s proven to be achievable!

There is a bright future out there for budding entrepreneurs and inventors alike in the world of sustainability! And the more we encourage young minds to think of solutions for our sustainability problems, the more diverse the ideas that drive the future will be.

Stay beautiful & keep laughing!


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