Our mission at EWC is to prove that “It’s still an amazing world!” It’s not a narrative you normally hear on the television or in your news feed, but do we need to be pessimistic about the state of the world?

The answer, simply, is NO!

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So, why should we be optimistic about the world?

Let me start with a disclaimer, I am in no way an eternal optimist.

Contrary to my job description--to prove to all of you that it’s still an amazing world— this is not a mindset I come by naturally! I will say, though, after writing and researching over 200 articles in the past year, my natural tendency toward cynicism has been turned around. It’s hard not to look at the incredible things happening in science, art, music, you name it, and think that we are headed toward a brighter future!

Now, I am no expert on optimism, but I will say, it’s time to make a case for being optimistic!

And best of all, you don’t have to take my word for it, because today we bring you one of my favorite episodes of the TED Radio Hour of all time, filled with experts who are proving through their remarkable work that we should be optimistic about the state of our world!

So, take today’s podcast with you on your drive to work, turn it on as you make dinner, or just sit down and enjoy it. Trust me, you will want to hear every word.

Do you know about TED? TED.com is one of the most interesting corners of the web and EWC features the best of their talks a couple times each month. If I do say so myself, EWC and TED are the only places I have found where smart people, curious and hopeful, can always come away transformed.

So, what do you think now?

Maybe one podcast won’t be enough to change your perspective entirely, but I hope that the next time you turn on the television or open up your newsfeed you will look at them a little more skeptically.

The only way to change the dialogue about the state of our world is to avoid buying into the narrative of fear and shame that seems to be the most profitable voice out there. Each one of us has the power to influence the conversations we are in every day. Armed with stories like those we write about here on EWC, you can help to make optimism the dominant narrative.

So, go out there, be optimistic, and don’t forget to share that optimism with the world around you!

Stay beautiful & keep laughing!


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