Most of us think of science as the field that has the largest role in conservation efforts around the globe. But after today’s article, we’ll see there’s a remarkably interesting role for art too!

We’ll also demonstrate that like never before, we are seeing an explosion of science and art coming together. On this Saturday Around the World, we explore a project based in Miami, Florida that is taking a new look at a fundamental building block of the world above and below the seas.

Coral Morphologic is a remarkable creative team documenting and chronicling the imperiled coral reefs of our planet. Their work spans cinematography, music, science, art, and conservation.

Going beyond beauty, they create art that pushes us to see the unexpected marvels of our planet and inspire a desire to protect and cherish our natural wonders.

We start today by looking at the artistic side of Coral Morphologic. Their art is remarkable and unique, turning a world we forget to appreciate into mind-bending and beautiful art. Here’s the beginning of their two-part interview with The Creators Project

The Creators Project is a fantastic organization which is really worth diving into! Find them here and get lost in the wonderful world that they’re curating and highlighting for us all! But now back to the point.

Creating beautiful and remarkable art is an important part of their Coral Morphologic’s mission. They are also hard at work collaborating with conservation efforts in Miami.

Here is part two of their interview with The Creators Project with an in-depth look at the activism their work helps to bring to the forefront.

The importance of artist-activist…

It’s hard to put a face to many of the countless endangered wonders on this planet.

We need artists, photographers, and videographers to help us put into context the ramifications of environmental destruction. We need the image of the polar bear on the piece of ice to understand our melting glaciers. We need the video from the air of swaths of destroyed rainforest to grasp its loss. We need artists celebrating wonders as seemingly as mundane as coral to remind us to cherish the ecosystems we have had a hand in destroying.

We have a planet’s worth of conservations efforts to support, and while science can do its best to convince us to care, there is s unique place in our conversations for artist-activists.

It’s exciting to think about the future of conservation and the impact we can have as art continues to be introduced into our narratives of activism.

Stay beautiful & keep laughing!


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