Shattering the Records: Are We Getting Faster, Better, and Stronger?

Posted on August 19, 2016 by Liesl Ulrich-Verderber

It appears that our elite athletes are getting stronger, faster, and better with every passing decade, but are they really?

With the Olympics coming to an end this weekend, we have seen world records broken and feats of athleticism that have made history. Let’s see where the progress comes from!

Image: Usain Bolt running on the left, and Jesse Owens running on the right

Today, we celebrate the Olympics a little differently. We look at the science and the fascinating history behind how athletes, technology, and records have changed over the years.

Here’s an absolutely mind-boggling TED Talk from David Epstein on how the world’s most elite athletes are pushing the limits of possibility and astounding us year after year…

Via: TED 1

It makes me think, where will we be in the years to come?

The Olympics are a magnificent celebration of the limits of our human strength and determination. And keep in mind that regardless of whether or not they become Olympians, great athletes teach us something about our own potential for grit and determination while they are becoming household names and inspiring generations of kids.

As we continue to break records and push the limits of the human body, it is worth remembering where we came from, to fully understand how incredible our accomplishments are!


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