What is stopping you from accomplishing your dreams right now? Is it lack of money, lack of support, or lack of motivation?

We all come up with different reasons why we aren’t going after goals at certain points in our lives. But at any age, we should be finding our passions and just going for it!

Life can seem to throw many obstacles our way, but should we let them stop us? If we truly want to accomplish our dreams, I’m convinced nothing should derail our tracks to success.

The fantastic YouTube channel SoulPancake takes a long, thoughtful look into why it’s hard for a lot of people to push through all of the uncertainty and just do what’s best for themselves and their futures.

So…what’s stopping you? 

Do you think that going after your dreams is a waste of time?

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Trust us, it’s not! Liesl and Dr. Lynda (founders of EWC) tell me that two and a half years into the dream of creating this website and they have pushed through some tremendous low points when most people would have thrown in the towel.

And looking back, they wouldn’t trade a moment of this journey.

Image: Kids with pots on their heads

Source: Dr. Lynda

If you’re looking to be happier and have a life that you enjoy, fulfilling your goals is the best ways to do so.

Even if you start off by taking a small step, as long as you’re tip-toeing in the right direction, you should be proud of yourself. Enjoy the little things!

Find positive and understanding friends that will be there to help you on your path. When you feel like giving up, they will be there to remind you of why you even chose to follow your dreams in the first place!

The road will be tough, and it may take a long time to actually reach your destination. But in the end, you will have gotten what you’ve always been wishing for, or you may even find yourself someplace better!

Be understanding, be passionate, be joyous, but most of all, be yourself.


“If you’re going through hell, keep going.” Winston Churchill

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Bethany is an editing and writing intern at Ever Widening Circles.