Have you ever thought about what you didn’t know ten years ago?

The number of new things I learn in a single day never ceases to amaze me! Moreover, thinking about what students today learn compared to what I was taught just ten to fifteen years ago makes me excited about the future of education!

Less than fifteen years ago, I was definitively taught that lizards are the modern relatives of dinosaurs, and now kids are learning that birds are dino’s closest modern cousins! So, what have we learned over the past century?

Image: A silhouette of a person looking up at the stars beyond the milky way, one of the discoveries of the past century

Source: Pixabay

There are a lot of things that we didn’t know 100 years ago. Things that are fundamental to our understanding of the universe, the world, and our place within it all!

Here’s an EWC favorite, SciShow, with a short list of some of these discoveries, and the impact they have had on our lives today! If you haven’t discovered SciShow yet, it’s really worth diving into! Find them here and just get lost in the wonderful world of SciShow!

Via: SciShow 1

What will we learn in the century to come?

There are so many things out there yet to discover! So many paradigms to be shifted! So many adventures to be had! We have only just begun to scratch the surface of what is out there. From space, to the deep sea, to our own brains, we are emerging into a new century of exploration.

These discoveries will not only take the work of scientists and explorers, but we will also need artists and storytellers to bring these discoveries to us all! There is a bright future ahead for those that can look at the world as both a scientist and an artist, and I, for one, am excited by the road ahead!

Stay beautiful & keep laughing!


“Laughter is the shortest distance between two people.”-Victor Borge

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