Get a Backbone!

Posted on August 9, 2016 by Dr. Lynda

Here’s something most of us take for granted: There was a time when quiet lifeforms with soft bodies were the most advanced creatures on earth. Then 400 million years ago a sturdy scaffolding evolved in fish – a backbone – and it changed the course of history for life on earth.

Image: Two fish with legs like birds

The rise of animals is something I thought I knew a lot about, until I saw the video we are pointing you to today.  With a little time travel we can look at this for the wonder it truly is.

It’s incredible to realize that we now know so much about the extraordinary step-wise transitions, some accidental successes, that eventually led to us.

Best of all, we have an EWC favorite, Sir David Attenborough, as the tour guide through this remarkable bit of time travel.

I came across a short piece by the Smithsonian that makes this all much more fascinating than you remember in 6th-grade science class.

What a journey!

I found myself saying, “Well, what if this hadn’t led to that?” In fact, at some points, the “progress” seems like pure serendipity, and even accidental.

Here’s a diagram that I had to take in for a few minutes, just to get an understanding of the scope of time:

Image: diagram of life

We will have to add this to the wonders we are enjoying through the EWC journey.

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