A farm in Huron, Ohio, The Chef’s Garden, focuses on working with chefs to grow the best selection of produce available, supporting not only the comeback of the small farm, but connecting the culinary arts back to its roots!

What can we learn from the care that these farmers put into their crops and the steps the chefs take to make sure that they’re getting the cream of the crop?

After a devastating hail storm hit their farm in 1980, the Jones family has miraculously been able to rebuild their lives by growing the relationship between chefs and the ingredients they use.

They focus on using traditional farming practices that take care to put nutrients back into the soil after growing the strange variety of vegetables that chefs are looking for and making sure to grow these vegetables the way that nature intended.

Check out The Chef’s Garden in this short video from Great Big Story!

If you haven’t discovered Great Big Story yet, it’s really worth diving into! Find them here and just get lost in the wonderful world they put forth!

This wonderful farm is inspiring both in the way they produce their crops and the way they have rebuilt themselves.

Small farms similar to theirs have become less and less in number as the larger agricultural operations have grown to fill the demand of chain supermarkets. These small farms support families who come from generations that lived on that same land and strived to keep the soils healthy and prosperous. These large-scale operations reduce the need for the products of these small farms in someone’s everyday life, and this needs to change.

Where our food comes from matters, because where it’s going matters even more.

The way that humans eat and live nutritious lifestyles has been disrupted. We aren’t looking for the healthiest, but instead, most of us are looking for the cheapest. If I’m in a store and I see a sign for Organic Broccoli that’s $3 a head, and next to it I just have “regular” Broccoli that’s $1.50, I’m going to grab what costs less. I’m sacrificing my health, the flavor of my food, and organic practices. All to keep that extra $1.50 in my pocket.

The Chef’s Farm shows that beauty can be found in disruption. The new path you’re forced to follow can lead you to form healthy relationships that change your life forever. Relationships that you would’ve passed by had you not been knocked off route.

The regrowth of their family farm gives me hope for the way that we will eat in the future. I’ve begun to wonder, has our relationship with food become bad enough to be good again? Have we lived a nutritionless lifestyle out of convenience long enough to now put our focus back into the health of our body?

We are worth the most flavorful, healthiest, and the most sustainable food.

We are worth the extra $1.50.

Image: Farmer's Market Vendor with bounty

Source: Dr. Lynda

The Chef’s Garden has helped make the relationship between agriculture and the culinary arts grow stronger. They’ve worked with the earth, using sustainable practices to create new vegetables with new flavors the natural way. The care what they put into their crops and their outcome, as well as the careful selection by the chefs they work with, shows us how beautiful it is to know where your food is coming from!

Find out more about The Chef’s Garden and what they grow by visiting their website, and support the local garden in your community!  You can find one near you by going to this handy community garden locator website!

Find the beauty in what surrounds you and remember, it’s still an amazing world out there!

  • Sam

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