It feels good to find simple joy in a “Who Knew?” moment once in a while. What’s even better, is that the web-share we have for you today involves having cake!  This EWC article is fun, useful, and delightfully ingenious!

Enjoy having one of those moments today that may help you impress your friends at your next party.

Without further ado; here is the scientifically perfect way to cut a cake to maximize the cake’s lifespan, brought to us by a cool channel we just found, Numberphile!

So that’s a novel and interesting insight; obvious once you see it.

What else do we do, blindly following a path that was never effective in the first place?

What’s more, how many things are we doing inefficiently that could be nearly perfected with a little additional thought?

Stay open, curious and hopeful!

~ Dr. Lynda

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