Some of us might cringe as a bee flies by, but these insects are fascinating farmers and communicators with remarkably complex societies!

There are many marvels to the bee, though perhaps the most intricate and tasty of these is honey. But do you know how honey is actually made?

Image: Bees make honey in their honeycomb

Source: Pollydot // Pixabay

For honey bees, honey is just a small part of their complex society and science. And their society is intertwined with ours in ways we often forget to appreciate.

Today though, we shine a spotlight on these incredible creatures, with an EWC all-time favorite, PBS’s It’s Okay To Be Smart. Check out the video below to see how exactly bees make honey and the hive power that goes into it!

Bees really are one of the unsung heroes of our society.

13 minutes

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Bees: we rely upon them to not only pollinate the fruits and vegetables we eat but to keep the plants and animals that keep the ecosystems we live in alive.

The populations of these tiny but critical creatures have begun to decline rapidly in recent history, an important reminder that removing the smallest link in our complex web of life can have remarkable consequences.

Knowledge gives us the power to make change, and even if the plight of the bees isn’t the fight you decide to take up, in whatever endeavor,  the more knowledge you have the more educated your fight can be. The more we seek to understand the complexities of issues, the more we can make educated decisions, and the more we can have reasonable discussions about changing the trajectory of the future.

Stay beautiful & keep laughing!


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