When it comes to variety in musical tastes, we may never really understand why we are all so different. But there’s a particular aspect of musical genius that reaches across all genres.

It’s hard to name it, but you know it when you hear it.

We hope to bring you some of those from time to time here at Ever Widening Circles.

See what you think of this one!

Here’s the story: Not long ago, my first partner in this website was a huge fan of rap and we had to use headphones when we worked in the same room. He hated my Simon and Garfunkel, and his music made me gnash my teeth.

Then one day he stumbled across the video we are sharing with you today and it struck both of us at our core.

The original version of this song is one of the most famous pieces ever written for the cello by Bach (G Major Cello Suite). Yo-Yo Ma made it a contemporary favorite and it is considered one of the most beautiful and well known musical pieces ever written.

But this version has that spark that seems to cross genres.

If you’ve never been a classical music fan, no worries. This is an opportunity to listen with fresh ears because the creativity here expands the piece into something very unusual, that might touch a chord in most.

Here’s a metamorphosis: originally the cello song was written for a single cello, and now it’s played by eight! This isn’t the first time we’ve featured The Piano Guys – they’re doing incredible things. Check them out when you’re done here. You won’t regret it! Take a look…

If this has piqued your interest at all, then you will love The Piano Guys’ website. You can get lost in their YouTube videos, inspiring and entertaining for both their musical and visual quality.

The purists might have their critic hats on, but you can’t find much to say that’s bad about their innovative spirit. This group is creating some musical wonders!

Looking for another taste of musical innovation like the Piano Guys Cello Song? Check out 2CELLOS and their take on AC/DC’s Thunderstruck:

22 minutes

2CELLOS are Thunderstruck

I used to think there was a chasm between AC/DC and Classical Cello music, and their fans. Not any more! Take a look as something amazingly innovative!

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Stay open, curious and hopeful enough to appreciate change!

~ Dr. Lynda

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