There are great comedians and then there are great comedian/philosophers who bring us to a whole new perspective, laughing all the way. Today we point you to one of the later, a master of the art of telling the stories of all our lives.

Kevin Kling was born with a misshapen left arm and lost the use of his right arm in a motorcycle accident that nearly killed him. He has a wonderful way of showing us how to laugh while we grow into the inevitable losses that visit us.

I’m Dr. Chuck Verderber, co-founder of the website here at Ever Widening Circles. You won’t hear much from me often as a “guest writer” – mainly because I’ve got old-school keyboarding skills.

I launched into writing this article because I have a special connection to the podcast we are pointing you to today. The connection? I grew up in a household that was made richer by having a sister with a physical disability.

I love Kevin Kling’s sense of humor because he gets at a common chord in most of us. Stay with this interview for a few minutes. It starts out a little dry, but hang in there and you’ll be rewarded by the funny stories and insights Kling has to share with us all.

Get a favorite beverage and enjoy a little journey that only this fellow can take you on! I guarantee you’ll come out the other end smiling about a lot of things you might never imagined were funny. So without further ado, here’s one of EWC’s favorite podcasts, On Being.


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A great bit of food for thought there, huh?

More about Losses and Laughter:

I’ll leave you with a tip my wife (Dr. Lynda, the founder of this website) uses to get us through the rough patches in life. Whenever we find ourselves mired in a problem – large or small – if we can think of absolutely nothing positive to say about the situation, she’ll eventually say,

“Now what’s funny about this?”

fb unhappy

Source: Dr. Lynda

Sometimes the question comes at what one might think is the worst possible moment, but I’m telling you, it always seems to switch the direction of things, and at the very least, it makes us take the 10,000-foot look.

If we’ll hold on tight to the task of trying to find an answer to that question, most of the time new possibilities are revealed to us and we are able to move on.

Give it a try the next time you find yourself in a real bind. It will make you tell some stories of previous skirmishes survived. It will lighten the moment and reveal some new angles you might never have realized you have.

Image: Little boy with superman pose

Source: Dr. Lynda

I also highly recommend working Kevin’s observation into our daily lives. He said,

“Remember as a kid, we dance with all we have and we wear Superman outfits to the grocery store.”

Maybe we can grow into our losses with the remarkable resiliency of children if we dance more and strike the Superman pose when we most need it!

Meanwhile, shine some light in places where others see only darkness!

~ Dr. Chuck


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Dr. Chuck is our CFO--Chief Fun Officer--at Ever Widening Circles. He and Dr. Lynda are dentists in and practice together at Fiddlehead Dental in Northern Vermont.