No, really, how old are you? Are you sure?

Science may put your actual age as something a little different…

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While your birthday cake my say one thing, the actual age of the bits and pieces that make us up can range from a few days to a lifetime old.

So, how does this all work? And what makes us, us?

To talk about these infinite changes we turn to BrainCraft to shed some light on our ever changing bodies…

So, what does this all mean?

From a scientific standpoint, ideas like neuroplasticity are relatively new. And with this new understanding of the human brain, we are able to look at the way we learn and the way we treat brain injuries with a more educated approach.

If we are to look at our ever replenishing and changing body with a more philosophical lens, our impermanent bodies bring up questions about our attachment to them and what that means for the future of scientific research and medicine.

Why are we so attached to our organs after we are no longer using them? Could things like the stem cells in our baby teeth be put to better use? How does our understanding of our body’s regenerative process affect the way we perceive our ownership of it? These are big questions, but perhaps as we continue to learn more about the human body and as that understanding finds its way into the realm of common knowledge we can come to find some answers.

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