Sandcastles on a Grain of Sand

Posted on July 18, 2016 by Liesl Ulrich-Verderber

Can artwork too small for us to see expand our sense of what is possible, inspire and crack doors open in other fields?

It’s certainly an odd question, but what if I told you that the image below was that of a castle etched onto a grain of sand?

Image: An image from Vik Muniz series etching castles on grains of sand


Artist Vik Muniz is well known for art that steps outside of the traditional boundaries. After working at large scales, he decided to take on an unprecedentedly tiny endeavour: etching castles on grains of sand.

These fascinating pieces of miniature art speak to the infinite possibility out there in the world for creativity, and the vast world that lies beyond the scope of the human eye.

Here is The Creators Project with more of this remarkable series…

Expanding possibility…

Possibility is only limited by perspective. The broader we allow the scope of our exploration, experimentation, and creation to grow the wider our field of possibility grows.

As our fields of study begin to overlap and collide more and more, we further expand the limits of what is possible.

Art and science are no longer fields separated by barriers of computation and interpretation. Instead, they are coming together to help scientists and artist ask better questions.

We live in a remarkable era of communication and crossdisciplinary study. The more we allow these opportunities to expand our perspective on the world, the more we will find ourselves open to new understandings of possibility.


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