If we remember our place in the scale of everything, how would our problems and conflicts measure up?

Image: A person, arms outstretched, in front of a starry sky

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Perspective is strange, with just the slightest shift, we see ourselves, the world, even the universe in a new light.

Today, we explore some of those perspectives. First, we start with a very famous short film, produced by Eames Office in 1977, that explores how our perspectives can change with the simple addition of a zero…

Play with perspective for yourself…

Now we want to share with you a fun link that was sent to us from our Contact Us page. (Thanks, Kameron G. from Houston! You too can send us article ideas.) Once we dropped into this website we were lost in it for quite some time and telling anyone who was free to have a look.

This brilliant website allows you to play within the perspective of the grandest stand of the universe, all the way down to the very smallest 10-10 yactometers.

You can zoom in/out, click on anything you want to learn about and a small text box appears, and use the slider to find your way through the scale of everything!

Find HTwins.net’s “The Scale of the Universe 2” by clicking here. Try it and then go find a young person to share it with!

If you didn’t “get it”, here’s the short course: When you get on the real website, you’ll press “start” and find yourself at “normal” scale, i.e. human beings, and then using the slider under the graphics you can slide to smaller things to the left (from humans to cells to atoms to quarks and everything in between), or pull the bar to the right-hand side to zoom out to the furthest corners of the known universe! Click on anything to get a little text box insight.

Did you play around there a bit? Fantastic concept, now back to that matter of perspective.

Image: A bottle of sauce looks like it is spilling on a tiny person

When I was tapping out this article I had a rather large problem preying on my mind. After dabbling in the scale of all things on the website, I felt a little lighter.

I reminded myself that the issue I was struggling with was almost nothing in the scope of eternity and would work itself out if I kept taking steps in the right direction. By the end of the next morning, things had resolved themselves in a way I could never have imagined and the problem was solved!

Coincidence? Surely. But this article helped me get some perspective.

Sometimes in life, perspective is all you can control!

Stay open, curious and hopeful!

~ Dr. Lynda

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