Sometimes we should take time to celebrate the little wonders in our backyard!

On this edition of Saturdays Around the World, we are heading to a small town in southern Illinois in midwestern America. This may not sound like the most exciting place in the world, but stay with us, because today we are celebrating one of the world’s quirky wonders!

Image: Albino squirrel in the snow. One of the white squirrels of Olney Illinois

Source: Sean Crane

So what makes Olney, Illinois so interesting?

It’s home to a large and beloved population of albino squirrels.

Over the years, the city has passed laws to keep the squirrels safe and adopted the white squirrel as its official mascot and emblem.

It’s hard not to catch a little bit of squirrel fever seeing how much these townspeople treasure their own bit of natural heritage!

Let’s head to Olney with one of our favorite YouTubers, The Good Stuff! If you haven’t seen their channel yet, you need to go take a look! There’s fantastic content over there.

Wonders in our own backyard…

I absolutely love this video!

Since returning home to a small town after living in Boston, I am reminded of how much joy one can take in celebrating the little things that make your community unique. I think that sometimes we forget to celebrate the quirks that make up our identity. And that we need to take opportunities to look at them as something to be celebrated. What we see as mundane is remarkable to others!

I challenge you to find something unique to your community or region and take time to celebrate it.

Sometimes our wanderlust, and our desire to go far makes us forget the little wonders in our own backyard. So go. Go celebrate your local heritage, listen to local music, revel in your own unique culture, if anything it will help you appreciate where you come from and inform where you’re headed next!

Stay beautiful & keep laughing!


“Laughter is the shortest distance between two people.” – Victor Borge

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