An Interview with Ever Widening Circles!

Posted on July 3, 2016 by Liesl Ulrich-Verderber

Starting something completely new often feels like a leap of faith, but what if we thought of all our experiences – good and bad – as the perfect preparation for that leap. It might not feel so daunting!

Dr.-Lynda-and-LieslUsually here at EWC we are pointing you in the direction of innovators and insights out there on the web, but today we want to give you a special look right here behind the scenes, at

And in doing so, we think we might encourage you to find a new niche and perhaps take a leap.

We are two “regular people” – mother and daughter – who are out to change the negative dialogue about our world.

I’m Dr. Lynda Ulrich and I’ve written over 1000 articles about remarkable innovators in the world from every topic under the sun.

Every day on Ever Widening Circles, we publish one carefully fact-checked article to counter the relentless negativity of the 24-hour news cycle.

We are proving this is – without a doubt – still an amazing world.

One year ago today, my daughter, Liesl Ulrich-Verderber committed to joining me after graduating from Harvard.

Here’s Liesl:

Image: Liesl and Dr. Lynda at Harvard Graduation before Liesl joined Ever Widening CirclesI had a good look around the country for job opportunities with promising “start-ups” and had a hard time finding one out there that caught my eye. I came to the conclusion that EWC would be a great project to work on and ground me before heading to grad school, so here I am, now 300 articles later, pushing back grad school to work on expanding the scope of EWC!

I joined mum just as the design phase of our new website began and found myself in the middle of a tech world I found exciting and ready to take on.

Now, after a year of being a part of EWC, we are excited for the next chapters that are beginning to unfold and the fabulous stories and voices we are set to feature in the upcoming months!

And the Ever Widening Circles Community?

Turns out we were not the only people who wanted to hear about the positive things happening all over the planet, we’ve been surrounded by a fast growing community of smart people who are finding a daily dose of wonder is just the right medicine. Our articles are now viewed more than 50,000  times per month by people from 190 countries.

There was no secret recipe in our success; no financial backing (you may have noticed we are completely ad-free) and we have no agenda.

We just looked at our experiences and believed we were uniquely suited to start something we could not find on the web: a place to learn about the positive and the possible, still thriving all over the planet.

Image: Oh, The Places You'll Go Burning Man Collage showing Ever Widening Circles 6 images of wonderIt’s still remarkably early in our journey. Our story is a bit strange and wonderful and we hope it inspires you to take a leap, into something new.

We just did an interview recently for a podcast called A Dose of Reality, and in it, Liesl and I share much of our unique story. A Dose of Reality  is the project of Christopher Greene and his friend Nathan Kallelis.

Christopher was an early guest writer for EWC, so when he asked us for the interview, we were happy to return the favor! He is a student and philosopher who we met on a trip to Nepal in the summer of 2014.

Chris and Nathan feature dialogues about topics at the edge of the mainstream thought, philosophy and media. If you like that sort of thing, you might like their podcast.

1-liesl and mum at poptechThey are not counting the minutes, trying to shorten every point into a quick soundbite, so this and all their podcasts are largely uncut.

We were surprised at how little they edited from our long conversation with them one Sunday afternoon. It’s refreshing in this world of 4 minute races through complex topics.

We hope you find the fun in our interview with Chris and Nathan, because you are getting much more of a fleshed out conversation than a series of short answers. It is the whole story.

So without further ado, here’s Dr. Lynda and Liesl chatting in great detail about …

So there’s the Ever Widening Circles story!

Most importantly, we want to leave you with the reminder that we are just regular people, juggling the ups and downs of modern life, in a house with car payments, teenagers, cats and dogs, and a garden full of weeds.

You too might have some yet-to-be-discovered talent that will make the world a little better. Large or small, everything counts.

Keep in mind that Liesl has 17 “guest writers” who she works with. You too can write for us! Just contact us if you know a compelling article idea that could be solidly fact-checked and would strike a sense of wonder in almost everyone!

Collage no text SCIENCE

Oh, and if you wanted links to the favorite articles we mentioned in the interview, here they are!

At the bottom of each (and at the bottom of this article) you’ll find several more articles we personally recommend!

Stay open, curious and hopeful, and don’t forget to keep laughing and staying beautiful!

-Dr. Lynda & Liesl