When we’re in a bad mood, recovering from a breakup, or just looking for a quick treat, we turn to ice cream. But ice cream can do more than just help us feel better, it can help heal our souls.

Image: Creator of mikey likes it, Michael Cole


For Michael Cole, Founder of Mikey Likes It, an ice cream shop located in New York’s lower east side, ice cream gave him an outlet to turn away from his past of selling drugs and going to prison. When his mother got sick, Mikey made a promise to her that he would never make it back into jail. So, he turned to ice cream for refuge.

And it didn’t just help him. Mikey uses his store to let his community know that there’s always a safe place for them to go. He supports the local children by encouraging them to do well in school; for every A the kids get on their report cards, they get one free scoop of any flavor.

After hearing about his success, many famous individuals flocked to Mikey’s shop, amazed by his accomplishments. Hillary Clinton, Future, and Joakim Noah are some of the many well-known names that love Mikey’s ice cream and positivity.

Here’s a Great Big Story video about Mikey’s story of victory and rehabilitating the community…

If you haven’t discovered Great Big Story yet, it’s really worth diving into! The perfect place to lose yourself for an afternoon. Their story about Mikey reminds us of the importance of following our dream and pursuing our passions.

If a small thing like an ice cream cone can turn around someone’s whole life, find what you’re passionate about and go for it. Mikey is a prime example of the saying, “Anything is possible if you put your mind to it.” So go out there and find YOUR ice cream cone!

We here at Ever Widening Circles love stories like Mikey’s. Even in the face of adversity, he created a life for himself that he enjoys. Maybe happiness, for you, looks different, perhaps all you need is something small. As long as that something small helps your life change for the better, don’t let those opportunities go by. Seize that outrageous chance, take that risky job offer, make time with your family. Let Mikey’s story inspire you to always strive for what you want and the remember the importance of community as you continue to grow.

Be understanding, be passionate, be joyous. But most of all, be yourself.


“If you’re going through hell, keep going.” Winston Churchill

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Bethany is an editing and writing intern at Ever Widening Circles.