What if we lived in a way that was not just good for the environment, but in sync with it?

For those looking for an alternative way of living, the Earthship is taking houses off the grid and working with the Earth to create comfortable, beautiful homes!

Earthships come in many varieties and are uniquely designed for their environments. One of the leaders in the Earthship movement is Michael Reynolds. His company, Earthship Biotecture, is working to build, design, and innovate Earthships.

One of our favorite YouTube channels, The Good Stuff, ventured out into the New Mexico desert to check out a colony of Earthships, learn about them, and even stay in one! If you aren’t familiar with The Good Stuff, they’re a fantastic channel who you need to check out! You can see our other articles about them by searching for them on our homepage, or by checking out their YouTube channel here!

Could you live in an Earthship?

So, maybe the Earthship life isn’t for everyone, but we can learn from these kinds of alternative designs and let them inform our more mainstream way of life. Whether we are trying to reduce our dependence on the grid, lower our impact on the environment, or simply find an alternative lifestyle that works for us, Earthships have a lot to teach us!

I am sure that in the future, the most celebrated and sought-after designs will be those that have the least impact on our environment. As consumers, we are fortunate to have to power to vote with our dollars. The more we choose support innovation that leaves a positive footprint, the more designers and manufacturers will move in that direction.

It may seem like we have a long way to go, but if we move forward as a collective whole, we will be able to pass on this planet to the next generation in better condition than how it was given to us.

Stay beautiful & keep laughing!


“Laughter is the shortest distance between two people.”-Victor Borge

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