This artist is trying to change the way women are seen by depicting powerful women on the walls of Kabul, Afghanistan!

Today, we introduce you to a young artist named Shamsia Hassani, who lives in Kabul, Afghanistan. Shamsia is a graffiti artist who paints her murals on the streets recovering from years of war.

Most of her creations depict what it feels like to be a woman inside of a male-dominated society, and the aspirations of women taking back their power.

She is working hard to make the streets of her home safer, brighter and more beautiful for everyone!

Let’s check out her story with The Creator’s Project

If you haven’t discovered The Creators Project yet, it’s really worth diving into! Find them here and just take a look at the wonderful world they curate.

Can you imagine walking through the streets of Kabul if she was actually able to bring to life the entire vision for her Dreaming Graffiti series? What kind of place would it feel like then?

The creations that Hassani has been able to put on the walls of the city bring light and hope to the streets of Kabul. Her art brings beauty to these war-ridden walls and allows women to begin the process of realizing that they are strong beings.

It’s caring and creative people like her that truly make it an amazing world to live in!

Changing the feelings of society…

What kind of world could we live in if instead of moving away from the problems that we see in our countries, we work together to make it a place where we want to live?

Hassani is doing just this. She’s noticed the negative stigma about Afghanistan and the educated people who are leaving the country because they feel that another place will be better. They’re moving away instead of staying inside of their home and working to bring it back to its glory, to make it famous for something other than the wars that have ravaged the soils for decades, and she’s staying to brighten the place up a bit and give people hope.

I invite you to take a moment to visit our article on a man, Narayanan Krishnan, who also saw a huge issue regarding the care of the people inside of his own country of India and decided to stay and take care of who he can.

Find the beauty in what surrounds you and remember, it’s still an amazing world out there!

  • Sam


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