Do you know anyone so genuine and approachable that their energy seems infectious?

 Matt Harding goes around the world, as his completely authentic self, and brings people together in a way that seems so simple and yet, leaves us with a smile and a sense of wonder.

If you’ve seen his Where the Heck is Matt series of videos, you won’t be surprised by his current project!

Image: Matt Harding, head of "Where the Heck is Matt?", is dancing with young girls in Kabul Afghanisatan

Source: Matt Harding

First, let’s get everyone up to speed about Matt Harding’s incredibly fun videos, and then we’ll tell you about the backstory and the future promise of his project.

Here’s one of my favorite videos from Matt’s adventures.

Make note of the all the “sparkling eyes” in the snippets in the following video. I suspect that if we counted our successes by how many people smiled broadly around us, the world might be a little better place. Take a look…

Wonderful, huh?

In my research, I found a brief interview with Matt Harding where he described how he makes these extraordinary videos. He says if he has a contact in a particular country, he has them get the word out about his video projects, and then they arrange a date and time for a crowd of willing strangers to meet.

If he doesn’t have a contact, he’ll set up his camera somewhere, start some music, and just start dancing on his own.

Usually, a crowd will gather and many will join in. After a bit of fun, then he arranges for a second take, which Matt says is almost always is the keeper.

Lovely how people of any culture can share the same joy once in a while.

Here’s one more of Matt’s videos to think about the next time the relentlessly negative 24-hour news cycle threatens to get you down. I’m able to remember how many people seemed to take so much joy from helping Matt with his projects.

It proves that on a fundamental level, there’s just not that much difference between us. Take a look…

Afghanistan to North Korea, Prague to Pakistan, Moscow to a U.S. Aircraft carrier deck: never forget that joyful, kind people are everywhere!

Now if you are saying to yourself, “Who is this guy? What’s his story?” You can read Matt Harding’s bio on his website. If you’d like to see more videos, he’s got a page on his site for that too! It’s full of incredible stuff, so go ahead and nestle in with a good beverage and take a look!

Where the heck is Matt Harding now?

He recently completed a successful Kickstarter campaign which will take him around the world to dance some more to show, “the world is safer and friendlier than it seems. This time, YOU tell him where to go.” 3

His Kickstarter video really says it all and I want to leave you today with it because his vision is so close to our own mission to change the dialogue about our world!

Let’s not let the negative media cycle steal our joy. Matt is doing incredible things. You can check out his website here!

The community is changing the dialogue about the negativity in our world, along with important thought leaders like Matt.

Join us.

Meanwhile, stay open, curious and hopeful!

~ Dr. Lynda

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