There are so many incredible creatures on this planet, many of which we are completely unfamiliar with!

There is one member of the avian world that stands out not just in beautiful plumage but in its strange and remarkable mating calls.

The superb lyrebird of southeastern Australia has as a strange ritual for attracting a mate. After clearing an area to act as his stage, he begins calling. His song does not stick to traditional phrasing, instead, he incorporates the sounds of chainsaws, other birds, dogs, and cameras into his singing.

For a closer look at these astonishing singers, we join David Attenborough and BBC Worldwide in Australia…

The vast range of noises these birds are able to mimic is truly incredible. Perhaps, most fascinatingly, they are not just limited to the sounds of the natural world. Here’s another fellow singing his heart out and including construction noises into his composition!

Finally, I want to take us back to our first video. This year Sir David Attenborough turned 90 and to commemorate his incredible career in natural history the BBC is running a celebration of his work. They have a great web series that re-imagines some of Attenborough’s most famous encounters with a hilarious twist.

Via: BBC 3

So, there you are! Hopefully, a little more knowledgeable about this planet than when you started.

What remarkable neighbors we have in the natural world! Perhaps, if we took the time to learn more about the other creatures on this planet could not only do a better job taking care of them, but also re-inspire our own sense of wonder about the world around us!

Stay beautiful & keep laughing!


“Laughter is the shortest distance between two people.”-Victor Borge


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