When was the last time you embraced a mistake and grew from it? Sometimes innovation happens in the moments we least expect.

For the painter Alfonso Aguirre, the slip of a paintbrush into a glass of wine changed his perspective on his art form.

Image: wine painter Alfonso Aguirre

Source: MODE

Since his fortuitous accident, he has been using wine as a medium to create beautiful watercolor (or wine color) paintings. His work speaks to the often experimental nature of creativity and the important place that making mistakes plays in discovering endless possibility.

Here is Aguirre’s story brought to us by an intriguing channel worth checking out, Mode.

Via: Mode 1

Embracing mistakes…

Why don’t we experiment more with the world around us?

It seems we strive for perfection instead of accepting and working with the mistakes that grow out of the experimental process. Experimentation is a part of growth in any field. Trial and error allow us to learn and continue to improve.

There is a conversation I once had that resonates strongly with me whenever I talk about the importance of making mistakes to the creative process. I was talking to a designer who uses his computer as his primary tool, and he told me about an interview he had once heard where another designer talked about how the “undo” button is eating away at our ability to create.

When we can simply “undo” a mistake we are not forced to work with it and learn from it in a way that forces us to grow.

Perhaps the moments when we wish we could “undo” are the ones that provide the most room for growth. Perhaps we should embrace them and see them opportunities to embrace possibility.

What opportunities can you make out of your mistakes this week?

Stay beautiful & keep laughing!


“Laughter is the shortest distance between two people.”-Victor Borge


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