What comes to mind when you think of snails?

Probably nothing very interesting, but it turns out these weird little creatures are actually far more remarkable than we give them credit for!

Image: Incredible snail shells of all shapes and colors

Source: Pixabay

Snails aren’t just interesting because some have beautiful shells, they have evolved some incredible adaptations and behaviors that have helped them to thrive from the bottoms of oceans to the tops of mountains! From bubble rafts to poisonous harpoons, to decorative camouflage, to magnetic properties, snails are actually surprisingly diverse and remarkable creatures!

Still not convinced snails can be cool? Here’s an EWC favorite, The Brain Scoop, to help me do some convincing!

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Resetting our Wonder Meters…

So, there you go, now you can come to appreciate one more branch of the animal kingdom with a little more vigor!

Learning to appreciate something as seemingly mundane as the snail forces us to recognize beauty and wonder in unexpected places. We can begin to train our minds to see the world around us in a more awe-inspiring light.

Perhaps the greatest challenge these days is learning to re-inspire our sense of wonder. We don’t need grand gestures to reset our “wonder-o-meters”. Looking for the next biggest and best thing has its limits. Instead, I think, we should turn to the subtleties in life that can make our world more wonderful. Finding inspiration in quietness, allowing gratitude to flood into our lives, recognizing the beauty of the natural world that surrounds us. These are all things we can do easily and on a daily basis to reset our wonder clocks.

I posit, that if we take more time to notice the little things around us that we see every day, we will walk through this world a little happier.

Stay beautiful & keep laughing!


“Laughter is the shortest distance between two people.”-Victor Borge


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