Exploring the Farthest Reaches of Space Travel

Posted on June 9, 2016 by Liesl Ulrich-Verderber

Have you ever looked out into space and wondered, “How far can we explore?”

The desire to know what lies beyond has been the subject of art, science, philosophy, and more than a few television shows, but will we ever be able to explore these distances ourselves?

Image: Hand reaching out to the universe in search of the farthest reaches of space travel

While it would be incredible if we could reach ever inch of the known universe, physics and time simply aren’t on our side. Though it sounds a little disheartening, there is actually a lot of potential in the future of space travel!

Let’s venture to the farthest reaches of space travel with Kurzgesagt, a super cool YouTube channel….

Appreciating the farthest reaches of space travel…

So, maybe you were just left feeling a little deflated thinking about the limits to the potential of human space travel. That’s fine!

We should take time to celebrate the incredible discoveries we have made and the places we have been able to venture to in our very short history of space travel! The enormity of time is hard to comprehend, and why fret over a future billions of years away?

Like so many things, the future and the stories we tell ourselves about the future, can be frightening or disheartening but why are we focusing on a future we can’t predict? Why not take that energy and use it to create, explore, and innovate in the here and now?

We can only conceive of the future’s potential when we stop and celebrate what we have achieved. When we look out on the landscape of the possibility, we are able to assess where we are and gather the energy and inspiration to keep going.

It’s still an amazing world because we, no matter the odds of distant time and space, are able to add to the accomplishments of the here and now!


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