There’s an ancient place on earth so unusual that the standard reaction to seeing it is, “No way!” This place, sculpted by both man and nature, is part Indiana Jones and part Arabian Knights.

Image: Camel Exploring Petra


It is Jordon’s most famous archeological site, Petra; an ornate city sculpted into the 25 story walls of natural canyons, more than 2400 years ago. And today on Saturdays Around the World we explore this ancient wonder!

More remarkable yet is that most of us don’t know a thing about it.

Petra was critical to the camel caravan routes between the Red Sea and the Dead Sea since prehistoric times. But that’s not what’s remarkable about Petra. In a moment, we’ll point you to a fabulous video-share that will illuminate the reason this place is a unique wonder on our planet.

First, let me get you more familiar with the country of Jordan. In doing my background research for this article, I found a beautiful video that will give you some context for Petra’s location and stewards.

You will see glimpses of Petra in the following video – look for buildings carved in rose colored gorges – and then we will dive in. Here’s beautiful Jordan:

Exploring Petra…

Lovely! I’m embarrassed to admit I knew little to nothing about Jordan. I’m glad I stumbled upon that. Even if you have never heard of Petra, did any places in that video seem a bit familiar? There’s a reason for that: the sandstone canyons of Petra were the backdrop for the movie Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

Now take a look at the magical ancient city of Petra. Think of it as taking a little trip without ever leaving your chair:


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