Sometimes you come across things so remarkable, so beautiful, that they defy comprehension.

Take a look at these beautiful images and take a moment to marvel at nature’s beauty…

Believe it or not, these images are not of real flowers. Indeed, these flowers are made of glass.

These are some of the thousands of specimens in Harvard’s Glass Flowers Collection, or, more formally, The Ware Collection of Blaschka Glass Models of Plants. The meticulously crafted works of art date from 1887 to 1936 and are the creations of father and son glass artisans Leopold and Rudolf Blaschka.

Recently, Harvard took the time to restore this magnificent collection, and the result is a breathtaking look into a remarkable art form that is unparalleled today. Here’s a great video about it, from Harvard University. Harvard is truly doing some amazing things.

How often do we take the time to appreciate the handcrafted?

There are art forms across the world that we are losing to time and to modern making methods. Perhaps we should take more time to appreciate and conserve the works of art and crafting methods that our fore-bearers pioneered.

We can learn from the artisans that came before us, and use their workmanship to inform the way we create in the modern world. The more that we turn to the past to inform our future, the more we open ourselves up to possibility.

I have seen Harvard’s Glass Flowers in person (before their conservation) and they were, indeed, jaw-dropping. The time and effort it took to not only create, but study the plants being recreated must have been remarkable, certainly their creators must have been masters in the art of noticing.

When we allow ourselves the time to carefully look at our world, and notice the subtleties in the way things move, interact, grow, and speak we become more aware of the space around us. This kind of awareness is a subtle way to, on a daily basis, enjoy the wondrous beauty and quirks of this planet.

Stay beautiful & keep laughing!


“Laughter is the shortest distance between two people.”-Victor Borge

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