How can we create a world where we spend more time in the service of others?

Whether we use our life’s work, our free time, or our disposable income, how can we contribute to humanity in a greater way?

Physician assistant Brett Feldman is taking the service of humanity in an important direction. He noticed the severe lack of quality care for his local homeless population and developed a program that brings free, on-site care to where they feel comfortable.

Fueled by the crazy idea that everyone matters, Feldman is on a mission to change how the homeless population around Allentown, Pennsylvania feel about the value of the lives they lead.

Let’s check out the Street Medicine program of the Lehigh Valley Health Network! They’re doing some truly incredible things, so go show them some love when you’re done here.

This is a wonderful, wonderful program. There’s never a reason for someone to feel like they’re less than human. The money or housing situation you’re in doesn’t determine your worth.

Access to healthcare is a part of feeling included in society. Health is a fundamental part of being able to live, provide for one’s self, and grow

Everyone deserves to know that there’s someone out there who cares about them. Someone who will miss them if they’re gone. And someone who will do what they can to support them while they’re still here.

Inclusive empowerment…

Have you ever experienced not being included in the whispers traveling around the school or in your place of work, or have you been shut out of a group of friends? Then you know, on a smaller scale, what it’s like to feel like you’re somehow less than someone else. Brett Feldman and the Street Medicine team gives those marginalized by society the chance the feel human again, to be included.  

There are so many others outside the world of healthcare who just want to help others regain the feeling of being included in society.

I invite you to visit our article Empowering Homeless People: One Stitch at a Time. There, you can learn more about a program that both helps those who are living on the streets stay warm, and also gives women jobs and help finding a home.

I also invite you to learn more about the growing trend of Paying-It-Forward, where you give add few extra dollars to the price of your meal so that someone else can afford their own. A quick google search should be able to tell you if there are some places in your community who are embracing this system. You could even establish a program like this yourself!

No matter where you find yourself in life, find the beauty in what surrounds you, and remember, it’s still an amazing world out there!

  • Sam


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