“If you could change one thing about your body, what would it be?” That’s the question the Jubilee Project asked 50 different people.

One more question on that: would your answer be “additive” or “subtractive”?

The answers that 50 very different people gave may surprise you. They had little to do with gender, and a lot to do with a mindset… and we just might be able to get back there!

It turns out, thinking we are “inferior” versions of perfect body type is a learned perspective. We don’t start out that way.

Take a look a beautiful, thought-provoking piece from The Jubilee Project, a creator we at EWC think is definitely work diving into. Go check them out when you’re done here!

So when was the last time you remember feeling comfortable in your own skin?

Think back…

I can remember thinking I was really fat, at age 14; a time when I weighed 80 pounds less than I do now, and when I laid in the sun, my bikini bottoms stretched between my hip bones, leaving an awkward gap between my stomach and the swimsuit.

I was always the tallest and strongest in my class until Junior High and I remember being made to feel less feminine because I was “big boned” and very athletic. Sound familiar at all?

What’s your body image story?

Can we change our stories now? What’s there to learn from all those youthful minds?

Think about the kids’ answers in our video-share today: one wanted a mermaid tail. Another wanted teleportation in her body! A shark’s mouth to eat more might be nice. But I thought the best idea of all was to be able to have wings.

What a great answer. Wings…

Image: Little girl pretending to fly

Source: Dr. Lynda

Here’s something to think about: if that was one of your choices – having beautiful, useful wings – would you choose that over fixing something you consider a flaw?

In other words, if someone gave you the ability to change one thing about your body, would your answer be additive or subtractive?

Think about it and see if the answer transforms your way self-image.

Meanwhile, stay hopeful, curious and open!

~ Dr. Lynda


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Dr. Lynda is a dentist, artist, global traveler, and philanthropist who looks for potential and shares it with the world. Hear her latest conversations with thought leaders on the Conspiracy of Goodness Podcast--new episodes every Wednesday!