Remember when you were a kid and everyone told you that if you follow your passions you could be successful? They said if you loved doing something, and put your mind to it, you could do anything?

There are people who actually followed that advice and those passions are many of our favorite features here on EWC. Take Alex Honnold‘s concrete jungle climbing for example…

Do you ever remember climbing a tree as a kid and fully immersing yourself into Spider-man mode?

Alex Honnold is one gentleman with the perfect blend of skill and attitude who comes about as close as you can come to realizing that world.

He’s arguably the world’s best solo free-climber, and he has mastered a way to combine his love of climbing with the thrill of going it alone… with absolutely no partner, harness, or other safety equipment. All he has is nerve, wits, skill, and determination with which to scale incredible mountains and, in today’s feature, the concrete jungle of San Francisco.

Here’s Alex in action; pushing back the limits of what most of us think is possible.  Check it out.

Difficult to watch, isn’t it?

I wonder why we have such trouble watching this, but many of us can watch hours of dangerous automobile racing, or even football; a sport where people are carried off the field on stretchers regularly!

Maybe it’s just that driving 70 miles per hour or tossing a football in the backyard, are more familiar to us. We can relate to the thrill of speed or catching a ball while running.

Then what does that say about many of the other things we point to with a shudder. Maybe people doing all sorts of “fringe” things are not as crazy as we think.

Maybe they are just more comfortable where they are, doing what they do. Perhaps that’s something to think about next time before I judge someone.

Alex reminds us of what’s possible.

His Instagram is inspiring, go take a look at it! For more about Alex Honnold’s work, pushing back the boundaries we once thought were in stone (sorry, could not resist the pun), go check out his website!

Have a great day and stay curious, open and hopeful!

~ Dr. Lynda


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