Ever find yourself in need of a good lizard fact? Something that will really impress your friends?

Okay, so lizards may not seem like the most fascinating creatures on Earth, but it turns out some species are pretty remarkable!

Image: side-blotched lizard being held by a researcher

Source: KQED

Take, for instance, the side-blotched lizard. Unlike many species in which males have uniform coloration with uniform mating habits, these little guys play the dating game a little differently, with the world’s longest running game of rock-paper-scissors.

Here is a phenomenal channel we found (you should go check them out!), called Deep Look. They have the story on these remarkable creatures…

Via: Deep Look 1

Fascinating, right?

I’m someone who prides myself on knowing a lot about the animal kingdom, but I had no idea this species and this type of behavior existed.

If you’re a frequent reader, you have probably heard me say dozens of times that nature is one of the most remarkable parts of this planet. To me, the splendor of great art or technology always pales in comparison to it.

For as much as we think we know about the depths of the ocean or the tops of mountains, there are still thousands of mysteries we have yet to discover about the natural world.

Perhaps if we took more time to appreciate nature, and encourage young people to explore it, we would become more conscious of our place on this planet. It’s hard to understand how fortunate we are to live in a world as richly diverse as this one if we have never paused and stood in awe of it.

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