The potato has given us amazing things like crispy fries and vodka, but could it have actually shaped the world we’re living in today?

Stay tuned for some spud facts that might leave you seeing the world with new eyes.

Behold the humble potato. It’s a staple in many of our lives and today, with the help of Ted-Ed we’re going to find out how it’s affected the history of mankind for centuries!

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Our frequent readers know how much we love TED. They promote and curate some truly incredible thought leaders and content, so shoutout to TED for being so great! You can find our list of Must-See TED Talks here! But back to potatoes…

It’s amazing the kind of impact this mundane kitchen staple has had on our lives, aside from satisfying our cravings for the salty and savory (they’re also a great fix for sweet cravings,  I’ve made some awesome chocolate truffles from leftover mashed potatoes).

They’re a reminder that the smallest items and occurrences in our life can have the biggest change. Smiling at someone on the train or performing any other small act of kindness may seem like nothing to you but it may completely change the outlook of someone’s day.

Potatoes come in all shapes, sizes, and colors from the well known Russett to the Red Thumb and we love them all. Maybe they can serve as a lesson for all of us. A reminder that we’re all fantastic even when our skin has different shades and marks and our bodies form into thinner or rounder shapes. We’re all wonderful in the multitude of ways we are made and prepared.

If there’s anything that the history of time has shown us, it’s that beautiful changes and advances are made when we appreciate and unite what each of us uniquely offers.

So, find the beauty in what surrounds you, and remember, it’s still an amazing world out there.

  • Sam

Extra Spud…

Quickly, I want to point out that the image for today’s article comes from the Washington State Potato Commission, and their website is FANTASTIC!

They have everything from spud facts, to recipes, to potatoes in the news. It’s really an incredible place to get lost on the internet for a while.


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