Slacklining: Pushing Limits Around the Globe!

Posted on May 20, 2016 by Dr. Lynda

Why do we invent ever more creative and often dangerous ways to experience life? Why are there things like Bungie Jumping, Bull Riding, Sky Diving, and Heli-skiing?

Are humans hard-wired to push the envelope of possibility?

Image: A man walks a tight strip of fabric across a breathtaking valley, slacklining above the city

Maybe that’s how we’ve come so far?

Maybe that’s one of the few impulses that undeniably sets us apart from the apes and jaguars.

Maybe intelligent animals run on impulse (and we do that a fair amount of the time too), but we can choose to turn our backs on our instincts and push past the known.

Could the photo above be a metaphor for what humans have been doing for hundreds of thousands of years?

Image: A man helps a child learn to walk on the slackline

Yesterday, I was driving through an average neighborhood, in an average small town and I saw a very long strap of strong fabric stretched between two trees, about 4 feet off the ground, and a young girl trying to walk on it.

I paused long enough to see her indomitable spirit shining through her repeated falls. It was a delight to see someone so young exuding such joy in the face of adversity.

It turns out she was trying out her hand at an emerging popular sport called Slacklining. A pass time that combines strength, balance, creativity, and a lot of moxie!

Take a look at this bit of wonder and then we’ll explore more human edges of possibility…


I loved everything about that video: the cinematography, the drama, the humor and the way nature and human nature seem to combine. And then there was the message.

That video is spot on when it comes to the kinds of things that we love to share here at EWC.

At Ever Widening Circles, we celebrate this kind of project and bring you one article each day, to prove it is still an amazing world.

Now let’s get back to the possibilities that slacklining demonstrates for us all. (Yes, all… We each have our own kind of slackline.)

We’ll take you through the remarkable scope of this sport today, and finish with something jaw-dropping, but let’s start with the purest. Here’s a video from the Globetrotter World Slackline Masters

Slacklining for all…

One of the things I love about this sport is that it seems so accessible to ordinary people. Take a look at a little of these next to videos. The first is a very low-budget operation and yet just as fun and skilled as all the “expert” practitioners.

Here’s the second video that demonstrates how “every man” this sport can be!

Via: olucko 4

Pushing us beyond…

And lastly,  there are those humans who are not satisfied with a slackline 5 feet off the ground. Here’s where this can go with some “thought leaders,” (all be it completely crazy thought leaders) pushing the envelope…

*for those with sensitive ears, there are a number curse words dropped in this video*

Did you notice the title of that last video, Longer Than the Gods Allow? That probably sums up the sensibilities of history’s greatest “thought leaders,” people who were able to accept the longest odds and push past what conventional thought defined as “possible.”

Where would we be without the likes of Leonardo Da Vinci, Amelia Earhart, Lewis and Clark, Darwin, Rosa Parks, Shakespeare, Henry Ford, and Jane Goodall?

Unfortunately, some of the greatest risk takers are unknown to us. They took the long odds and lost, but they drove the process forward so some future “hero” would have more information with which to inform their success.

In fact, there’s a great book called The Black Swan, by Nassim Nicholas Taleb, that is filled with “ah-ha” moments about how progress follows leaps of faith; A black swan is any event or outcome – good or bad – that was deemed so improbable that it causes massive shifts in thinking or huge consequences.

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See you tomorrow here for another way this is still an amazing world!

Meanwhile, stay open, curious and always hopeful!

~ Dr. Lynda