For most of us, pigeons rarely conjure up ideas about spectacles of aerial wonder. So, what would it look like if we could re-frame these creatures in a more artistic light?

Though it may sound a little crazy, pigeons are helping to inspire awe in Brooklyn, New York.

Pigeons were not always seen as the “flying rats” so many people see them as today. They once carried messages to help win wars, they helped Darwin understand evolution, and they were a part of upper-class culture. Yet now, we see them as a little more than a nuisance.

The artist Duke Riley is reshaping our view of the pigeon today with a beautiful project called Fly By Night.

Here’s a video from a phenomenal channel, The Creators Project, that is a frequent feature here at EWC. Their content is fantastic, so go show them some love when you’re done here!

This is what happens when we combine art, light, and thousands of birds…

What if we took more time to reconsider our biases?

If a pigeon can become a part of beautiful art, what other bits of wonder are we missing out on because we “think” something (or someone) is below being able to inspire us?

The world is filled with things that make us take pause and reassess where we stand. Perhaps we should be open to those moments more often!

It is difficult to accept that it’s still an amazing world if we are cut off to all possibility that it might be. Whether we turn to art, nature, or science as a source of inspiration, perhaps it is time to hit the reset button on our view of the world.

If we are to leave you with one question to ponder today, let it be “How would you walk into the world if you were to see the world in terms of possibility?”

Stay beautiful & keep laughing!


“Laughter is the shortest distance between two people.”-Victor Borge


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