Are you filling your kindness quota?

Every day you may smile, hold the door open, and give up your seat on the bus, but studies are showing that we need to go above and beyond the acts that come naturally to us to really feel the true power of kindness.

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Let’s head out into the world with SoulPancake on a Kindness Triathlon…

Isn’t SoulPancake great? They’re a frequent feature here at Ever Widening Circles, and a great place to explore for a bit! When you’re done here, go take a look!

It seems the key to this is that you feel better about yourself when you do something for someone else. You have the ability to actually create happiness, to make a day brighter by performing a few simple acts of human kindness. Can this benefit be enough to get us to wake up in the morning and plan out the kind things we’re going to do?

It’s the little things, guys.

Most of us keep going through life to experience the bits and pieces of happiness that find us. So think of what would make you happy, and go do that for someone else. Remind someone that you care about them, make plans to go somewhere with a friend, volunteer, and don’t forget to do one of the most important things you can ever do: treat yourself right. There’s no time like the present, and you have the secret to happiness in your own hands!

Give yourself 10 minutes to do nothing, go outside and stare at a tree, write in a journal, treat yourself to a massage, etc. Use your power to create happiness and you can change the world.

Hard times will inevitably find us, but by making the interactions we have positive, whether they’re within ourselves or with the people that cross our paths, then the amount of light that enters our lives will increase.

If you need a little inspiration, skim through this article from PopSugar titled 109 Random Acts of Kindness You Can Start Doing Today. (If you live in a bigger city, please pay close attention to #39, you’re just asking to ruin someone’s day and you’re still going nowhere.)

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Find the beauty in what surrounds you, and remember, it’s still an amazing world out there

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