What would a world look like where we just stopped saying certain things that are irrelevant and hold us all back? Like the phrases “Run like a girl” or “Act like a man.” Don’t you think it’s time?

Image: Little girl making muscles on a beach

Source: Dr. Lynda

We could all walk a little taller, work and play together a little better, and put some foolishness leftover from our ancestors way behind us.

Here’s an amazing video from a campaign launched by Always, that is food for thought for all!

(And following the video, I will tell you a nice little story about testing this theory!)

Via: Always 1

I’ll admit that I’m kind of a skeptic. I love this sort of video, but when “the movement” is started by a big corporation’s advertising department, like Proctor & Gamble’s Always brand, I need to dig into the concept myself before getting on the bandwagon.

As fate would have it, I was in a perfect place to do that when I saw the #LikeAGirl video: I was visiting our family farm in the heart of Illinois.

I wanted to test the #LikeAGirl thesis from this video, so I started with my sister’s nine-year-old son and twelve-year-old daughter. I asked each of them, separately to “Run like a girl.”

Both, independently, took off at breakneck speed with a look of determination that was wildly inspiring!

Good job next generation! Two down… two billion to go!

Then, I asked my 22-year-old, college football playing nephew: “What would you do if I told you to run like a girl?” Without hesitation, he said: “I’d run!”

I guess that’s three out of two billion down!

Speaking of testing a theory, that same niece of mine was in a 4H contest at the county fair that summer. This competition entailed twelve kids – eight boys and four girls – attempting to catch four greased pigs. (Yes, the old-fashioned “Greased Pig Contest” still happens in some pockets of the real world.)

Image: Girl Catches the Greased Pig

Like a proud, soon-to-be “greased pig catcher” my niece steps out to wave at the crowd as her name is called in the introductions. We were all surprised she caught one, but the best part is: She wasn’t! Source: Dr. Lynda

And wouldn’t you know it; my niece came home with the pig! In fact, three out of the four pigs were caught by girls!

I guess we can eliminate that phrase! There will be no one saying, “Catch a pig like a girl” in any derogatory fashion in Logan County anytime soon!

(And for you animal lovers, I know what you are thinking… and I can’t warm up to the idea of 12 kids chasing four pigs either. I was ready to be disgusted, but much to my surprise, I learned the “grease” was hair conditioner, and the kids have to carefully raise and show their animals in the next year’s fair. No sense getting too bent out of shape about this issue.)

Have a nice day now… I gotta go help my sister feed her chickens, goats – and the new pig – who lives in the lap of luxury.

Stay curious, open and hopeful!

~ Dr. Lynda

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