Have you ever seen somebody walk into a room and somehow command it immediately?

What kind of body language did they present? Most likely they were standing tall and projecting an air of confidence. Do we all have the power to do the very same thing?

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Our body language doesn’t just say a lot about who we are, it turns out that it can actually shape who we are!

Amy Cuddy is a Social Psychologist at Harvard whose body language studies have led to some remarkable discoveries.

Her TED Talk is one of the most popular talks of all time, and you may forever walk and sit a little taller for having viewed this talk yourself! (Shoutout to TED – they produce and curate some really incredible content and ideas! We here at EWC are huge fans. Go check them out when you’ve got some spare time!)

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Great insights… I’ll never sit at a meeting like a slouch again!

Since seeing this video, our favorite joke to lighten the mood and rev up the energy for problem-solving is to shake loose and strike the Superman pose: hold it much longer than comfortable, and then move forward with a confident swagger to tackle the challenge.

It really works, folks… REALLY! Try it now (seriously)!

Image: Little boy with superman pose

Source: Dr. Lynda

Come on, wherever you are at, strike the Superman pose – again, we’re serious – fists on hips, shoulders way back, feet apart, tailbone tucked under, chest inflated, and hold it… for a long 30 seconds to a minute.

I recently heard a great story from a woman who has a very big job as a lofty public official. She is the head of an agency that is quite an “old boys club”, and that sort of attitude seemed to pervade meetings until she caught this TED Talk on our initial EWC website.

She contacted us to say that since she had seen this, she had developed her own way of leaning way back in her chair during meetings, and striking a seated version of the Superman pose, then holding it for a while. Since adopting this posture from time to time, she’s noticed she can keep control over the room more easily and focus stays where she wants it to be.


Try it sometime when you need to take back a sense of control. You will feel better! We proved it ourselves, in fact, during a hard period here at EWC…

No matter who you are or what you do, watch this TED Talk a couple of times to really soak in the details of the insights and give them a try tomorrow. You will surprise yourself!

Stay open, curious and hopeful!

~ Dr. Lynda


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