These days, you may have noticed that it’s not enough to be really good at just one thing.

In today’s world, life is a little richer and you are much more valuable to the wider world if you have a unique blend of skills and interests. Here’s an inspiring example…

That photo, like many others that we’ll show you today, was taken by Camille Seaman, a teller of stories through the lens of a camera.

You only have to look at her photography to see that she is also a composer and a philosopher. If her photographs were music, they would be tunes we could all connect with.

I suspect that the best place to understand what I mean by that is to check out her work (photographs and related stories) at a great new website called Maptia, which we will be telling you much more about in a future EWC article.

Here’s an image from another of Camille’s photographic journeys which we will feature in the future…

Do you have a passion you haven’t nurtured yet?

Want an interesting life? I’ve found that if you can develop an expertise in two or three areas that mesh in a novel and useful way – perhaps something completely new – you can carve out your own niche.

In fact, most of the remarkable people we feature on EWC are just ordinary folks like the rest of us, who have combined two passions that most would never think belonged together!

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Now take a look at the moments Camille Seaman has captured for eternity, and then we’ll share her very brief TED Talk…

Wow! What a knack for capturing the breathtaking beauty of a slice of nature that is unchanged since the origins of our atmosphere.

This is truly timeless artistry.

And who is the mind behind these captured moments? Take a look at Camille’s very brief TED Talk!

Thank you to! We absolutely love TED, so if you want to see more thought-provoking talks, check out our list of Must-See TED Talks!

Via: TED 1

Stay open, curious and hopeful!

~ Dr. Lynda


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Ever Widening Circles would like to thank our reader Ann H. from Kansas City, Kansas for sharing this artist’s work with us! Thanks, Ann!



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