What would Thomas Edison do if he came back and saw the way we are powering our world? In order for renewable energy to change the way we power our world, we need to change the way we store energy.

Technology has evolved exponentially over the past century, yet the energy that powers those technological advancements has changed very little since Edison’s time.

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Certainly, now that we are jumping into renewable energy, we must be seeing some innovations in our power grid, right?

Unfortunately, there is one major problem: energy storage.

Access to renewable resources like solar power and wind are dictated by mother nature. In order to maximize the efficiency of these sources, we have to find a way to optimize the way energy is stored and distributed. That means we need to work on making the grid smarter!

Here’s one of EWC’s favorite YouTube channels, The Good Stuff, exploring the future and potential of a smarter energy grid!

There’s an exciting future out there for any young (or not so young) innovator!

One hundred years from now, we will look back at the way we produce and distribute energy and shake our heads. Now, we are living in a technological revolution with an unprecedented eye toward the future of our planet. Making the grid smarter is just one of many incredible ways we will advance!

The greatest innovations come when we are forced by circumstances to think outside the box, or in this case, the grid!

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Oh, and one more thing, we love The Good Stuff, and hope you do too! So, if you have heard of them before, or want to see more of them in the future, they are running a Kickstarter right now that you should check out!

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