What kind of images does the word “paradise” conjure up for you? Is it a lush, green place, dotted with colors from flowers and fauna representing the entire rainbow. Today we share with you another possibility…

On this edition of Saturdays Around the World, we take you to the Artic with wildlife photographer Vincent Munier. His incredible journey captures a world few of us get the opportunity to experience, but one that is a rich part of our planet’s ecology.

Get quiet, and take a look at this breathtaking piece with some of the world’s most captivating animals in their own paradise. This simply breath-taking video is brought to us by the always incredible organization, National Geographic.

I suspect I sighed and shook my head in wonder a dozen times through that.

I watched it a second time to pay attention to when and why I was moved so much, and discovered my captivation was because of the gazes of the animals.

Try it. Watch the film again and look deeply in the eyes of the animals in these images. There is a connection there that I don’t have the words to describe.

And then I felt a little sadness. Why are we not appreciating, protecting, and celebrating precious places like these remote white paradises?

Most people will never know they exist were if not for photographers this intrepid and websites like ours that are focusing on all the wonder in this world.

Well, we are here! Spread the word! If you’d found yourself checking in with EWC for a positive boost, tell your friends. The only way we will change the dialogue about our world is with a person to person connection.

Stay curious, hopeful and open!

~ Dr. Lynda


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