We each see the world in a different way. I know, I’m already sounding super philosophical, but let’s talk about this in the most literal terms right now.

Our eyes, the very instruments we use to see the world, experience our surroundings in fascinatingly different ways.

We don’t truly know how the person sitting next to us sees the flowers planted over there, or the way the bee buzzing around them and the cat watching him sees colors or movements. The brains between species are far too complex for us to really understand how other animals see the world, but by studying their eyes we can try to get a glimpse of their worldview.

In the short video below, brought to us by National Geographic (who we absolutely love! Check out other articles we’ve written about their stunning content here!), find out how various species use their specialized eyes to live in this world! Take a look…

I’ve never really thought about how every single individual on this amazing planet has a different way of seeing, perceiving and ultimately experiencing their time here.

It’s always been, “Hey,  that grass is green and everyone sees the same green that I do, so we’re all standing around seeing this wonderful green grass.” That’s not the case.

The world other animals, and even other humans live in is not the same as the world I live in. I take in moments, colors, and register emotions differently, but here we all are with our bodies moving on the same Earth. Isn’t that crazy?

Interested in finding out more about animal eyesight?

Thanks to small changes in their eyes and brain, the world looks a bit different to each species out there.  Check out how certain animals see color in the short video below, brought to us by Discovery News!

Via: DNews 2

Now, think of your favorite color (or multiple colors if you’re like me and can’t decide). Most of us pick these colors because they elicit certain emotions or “just look good.” What if that color was suddenly not in your life? Or, what if the emotions attached to it changed?

Take a moment to notice the shapes, textures, and colors surrounding you right now. Go for a walk and take in the blooming flowers and their brightness. Notice how you feel. Give thanks to your cones and rods for functioning however they do, because this world has something beautiful for all of us to experience.

3 minutes

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Find the beauty in what surrounds you and remember, it’s still an amazing world out there!

  • Sam

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